FWCF is interested in provision of skills and resources to support sustainable community development,cultural diversity and to promote higher healthy cultural interdependency in Scottish Communities
Our current objectives are :A) To galvanize and develop healthy community involvement and support in aid of the establishment of an innovative community platform able to support the protected characteristics in ScotlandB) To focus our attention on grass root participation and community ownership through the Wumenu partnership as custodians of the the services and space we are currently developing in Ibrox Govan Scotland.C)  To create jobs and healthy working partnership amongst the various potential partners we aim to adopt on the way or who will adopt us in kind.D) To promote Agro Ecology able to underpin our global interdependencyE) To secure in a healthy sustainable way raw agricultural materials  and other essential tropical commodities in a fair and Equitable way as Scottish Global citizens.
Recycling for LifeOUR SCOTLAND GHANA RECYCLING & AGRICULTURE PROJECTBy helping others in the rural poor communities  in Ghana , we also help ourselves in Scotland through Redirecting reusable household and charitable goods from the Scottish landfill sites.We are committed to empowering some poorest families in one of the world’s poorest rural communities to thrive, rather than just survive through the sustainable use of donated Charitable Goods,Arts and Agriculture.More recently we are focusing our efforts in Govan Glasgow to provide increased focused support to our young unemployed 19-24 years old and we are currently working to create our first jobs in Govan to create leadership and hope for the many young and highly educated unemployed who volunteer with us.Recycling for life, create jobs for local participants in Scotland and Ghana enabling locally affordable housing, medicines, energy and environmental improvement, and as a source of products that can be sold at local affordable price, and bought with dignity via our online charity shop in Scotland and through the local market place in GhanaFunds generated go back into developing the local economy in Scotland and Ghana.

In Ghana it also enables FWCF to pays for essentials such as schooling and healthcare for the disadvantaged rural poor. (like our  young or old community farmers)

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