Wumenu CEO handing over the books to Heat Teacher

Friends of Wumenu Community Farm donates to Wumenu D/A Basic School in Ghana

We have recently donated books, chairs & tables to the Wumenu D/A Basic School in rural Ghana. The items value at sixteen thousand, three hundred and forty-six cedis, and eight – six pesewas (Ghc 16,346.86) equivalent of £2877.52.

The donations were made up of items which were redirected from the Scottish landfill sites which the Wumenu project in Glasgow manages to send to Ghana as part of its recycling shmeme giving a second life to unused items in Scotland.

The donation is made up of over 5,581 selected books, of different levels and subject, and for teachers and learners. Basic 1 to 9 levels also received 200 chair and 44 tables that can seat two pupils each.The nursery received 12 tables that can seat 4 to 5 children each and 73 chairs for the comfort of the children for teaching and learning. Read the full story here…


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