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Global citizens African Village in Scotland fundraising effort

Our aim
To set up online and mobile phone crowd funding platform Hosted by the friends of Wumenu Community Farm a register Scottish Charity working in the field of community farming as a tool for development


A) To galvanize community support in aid of the establishment of a community farm

B) To appoint a credible project coordinator able to pull the project together on commission based on actual delivery within the charitable frame work.

C) To focus on grass root participation and community ownership through the Wumenu partnership as custodians of the African Village in Scotland.

D) Top create jobs and healthy working partnership amongst the various potential partners we aim to adopt on the way or who will adopt us in kind.

When will this take place?

The project will be delivered in various phases; the initial phase will be officially launched in May l 2014

Where will this project be based ?

We are searching for suitable land anywhere in Scotland as a first choice minimum 20 Acres to act as a back drop for our working community farm and visitor attraction.

FWCF Crowd funding Platform

You are welcome to Friends of Wumenu Community Farm‘s revolutionary UK Social funding platform to enable it raise charitable finance via Crowd funding membership fees or donations.

We aim to do this by tapping into a ‘crowd’ of like-minded individuals who are willing to donate one Golden pounds(£1) directly in exchange for basic membership.

Our aim is to capture and develop community asserts for the common good.

To plan, prepare and practically deliver agreed objectives within the its realistic time frame

To evaluate project performance and report back to the membership on a regular basis membership

£1 membership contribution per person

Registration is by email or by post

Payment of dues is by postal order or equivalency or by cash in person: made payable to Friends of Wumenu Community Farm‘s SC037724

Membership Benefits.

Members Discounts on community events at the African village

Postal or email voting right

Free entry to most community events locally or internationally for children’s and young adults from any country.

Volunteering opportunities at our events

Who is leading this project?

The project is lead by the board of Trustees chaired by :

Chief Gift Amu-Logotse
Creative & Performing Artist and Associate Lecturer
Fellow of the Fife School of Social Enterprise
Elmwood College of Agriculture

The African Village in Scotland (Crowd funding Platform) UK


The African Village in Scotland (Crowd funding Platform) UK

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