FWCF Redirecting household and charitable goods from the Scottish landfill sites (inc. sorting Waste Management & Pollution Control), recycling for food, housing, medicines, energy and environmental improvement, and as a source of products that can be sold to pay for essential goods and servicesWe’re committed to ensuring that your donated goods or money from our supporters is sent and spent on their related and relevant projects.OUR

Poverty is most severe among food crop farmers, who are mainly traditional small-scale producers. About six in ten small-scale farmers are poor, and many are women. Women bear heavy workloads. In addition to their domestic chores, they are responsible for about 60 per cent of agricultural production. More than half the women who head households in rural areas are among the poorest 20 per cent of the population.

Low productivity and poorly functioning markets for agricultural outputs are among the main causes of rural poverty. Small-scale farmers lack the technologies and inputs, such as fertilizer and improved seed that would increase yields. Population pressure leads to shorter fallow periods or even continuous cultivation in the

Sponsorship activity available in Ghana. (Community Farming Development with the Arts

  • High health Goat breeding project
  • High health Poultry breeding project
  • High health Pig breeding project
  • Buying water tanker for local community
  • Building a community water storage system for the farmers

We recommend that your schools Ambassadors aim to fund raise as little as possible or as much as you can in aid of your choice
Your school only needs to fund-raise once to become a life member and your trees will always be your trees in the Wumenu village

Our Charity Friends of Wumenu Community Farm  offer support in the form of School visits and Community  Arts and Culture Workshops