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Volunteers in United Kingdom – Scotland Glasgow (HQ)

We welcome volunteers here in Govan Glasgow as there is lots to do at the HQ to help develop things for our young here in Govan and also to help prepare parcels for our Friends at the Wumenu village in Ghana.

We can even help arrange a post in Ghana if you are interested.  Please do contact us either directly or through the volunteer website.

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Friends of Wumenu Community Farm Scottish Volunteers Our well organized, motivated, highly educated administration staff.Outreach team are working tirelessly to enable all your charitable Donations reach those in need both locally and abroad

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A busy well organized logistics team, highly motivated, ready and willing to sort , pack and dispatch all your donated charitable goods.All our volunteering members in this department are highly motivated and have a good understanding and a healthy experience of our work.We thank our volunteers for their valuable support.

Kevin is our main producer of project documentary videos and manages our photos from all the photos that are sent from the farm in Ghana and Scotland.We welcome all skillsYes we need your personal help or support.Chief Gift Kofi Amu-Logotse (CEO)

As a volunteer with friends of Wumenu community farm, you will have the opportunity to explore the vibrant country Ghana on the west cost of continental Africa.

Whether you want to volunteer in the volta region or travel around the country during your gap year, career break or during your university course, Wumenu community farm,  has a compliment project to suit your interests. Volunteering in the volta Region of Ghana will provide you with a fantastic platform from which to learn about this fascinating country Ghana and its people.

We are still determined to make use of the qualities provided by Wumenu community farm,  volunteers such as their dedication, passion and enthusiasm for helping disadvantaged communities.

However, Wumenu community farm, is available to volunteers with specific skills, qualifications and experience.

  • We offer projects in Business Development, Arts & Culture , Agriculture, Environment Eco tourism development .
  • We welcome all ranges of qualifications and skills.
  • We can provide a platform for project ideas

If you have a skill or qualification and are interested in putting it to use then get in touch

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